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Organ Appeal

To mark the bi-centenary of Pugin's birth in a permanent way the Pugin Foundation has decided to commission the construction of a small pipe organ for St Patrick's Church, Colebrook. Over the past six years the Foundation has expended over $550,000, the majority from donations, to restore the church in accordance with the letter and spirit of Pugin's intentions. Much remains to be done, but an indication of progress to date can be gauged by the images at right. Information on work to date can be found by clicking here.

In order to ensure the long-term integrity of the building and its furnishings means must be found to generate funds to cover essential ongoing maintenance and other costs. The Foundation believes that a high quality organ, through concerts and recitals, can contribute significantly to the raising of these funds.

The organ, pictured below, is being constructed by Launceston organ builder Hans Meijer. It features extensive use of Tasmanian native timbers and will be a truly unique addition to a world-significant Pugin church.

 Colebrook organ design


Can you help?

To achieve this vital outcome we need to raise the sum of $65,000 and are relying on your generosity to help us with a donation. To download an organ appeal donation form click here. The project is strongly endorsed by the Organ Historical Trust of Australia.

Colebrook exterior before 

St Patrick's, Colebrook, exterior in 2006

Colebrook exterior after

Exterior in 2011

Interior before Colebrook interior in 2011

At left, interior in 2006; at right, interior in 2011